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Grant Writing for STEM Research Seminar

Learn how to construct effective research grant proposals for federal agencies such as the NIH, NSF, DOD, and more.

What's included? 

10 weekly modules

Weekly live Q&A sessions

In-depth instruction from cradle to grave of research grant strategy, prep, and submission

Email coaching with the instructor

Certificate of Completion


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Write to Lead Retreat:

Transforming Grant Writers into Nonprofit Leaders

Write to Lead is a retreat style workshop to help grant writers tap into their innate personality characteristics to develop their leadership skills and help them take on leadership roles within their organizations. This is not about studying leadership models or theories. You are going to set real world goals and work toward achieving them. This is for grant professionals who are ready to go beyond sitting in the bleachers and watching things happen and step onto the field and make things happen.

✅1st cohort starts October 15 with pre-retreat session

✅1 hour pre-retreat session

✅5-hour intensive online retreat (October 29)

✅½ hour Coffee Chat each week, 4 weeks post-retreat

✅1-hour post-retreat session at 1 month follow-up

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The Art Behind the Science

Join me in an interactive and hands-on webinar to develop skills to write federal research grants. In this 90-minute webinar, we will explore the practical matters of developing and writing a federal research grant, and we will discuss strategies for managing large grant teams and working with scientists on proposal development. Through case studies and presented scenarios, we will investigate solutions to common research grant preparation challenges. You will also receive an e-Book of grant development tools I personally developed and currently use with clients to write research grants.

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